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The first thing you do is call a professional. He will look at the floor and decide what remedy to apply to revitalize your old, worn out surface.

- Abrasion and friction are the primary ingredients necessary for the restoration process. The marble or granite has to be honed carefully down to a brilliant shine.

- There are no shortcuts or miracle cures, just hard work and skilled artisans to control the process from start to finish. The stone restorer will work with the stone at the right speed since each stone has its own character. Since each situation is different, he will use his judgment to pace the application.

- The job usually gets started with a course grit to remove etchings.

- The following steps are achieved patiently and skillfully utilizing finer, and even finer grits until the stone starts to give a reflection.

- Both marble and granite have very different properties and must be dealt with differently to be able to achieve a quality result.

- Due to the high number of customer requests, we have made our own product line to better serve you and all of your stone care needs. We offer an everday cleaner, floor cleaner, & sealer for almost every stone. For everyday normal cleaning of your marble and granite floors and countertops, we suggest using our specially formulated products.